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About Shoot Manual in 7 Days

Welcome to Shoot Manual in 7 Days, your dedicated online guide to mastering manual photography in just seven days. At , we believe that the true creative power of photography lies beyond auto mode. Our mission is to empower aspiring photographers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take full control of their camera settings and creativity.


Our platform demystifies the complexities of manual mode shooting. Through a carefully curated blend of interactive lessons, practical quizzes, and real-world assignments, we guide you step by step from the basics of the exposure triangle to the nuanced art of capturing light, all within seven transformative days.


Whether you're a hobbyist looking to elevate your photography or a budding professional seeking to refine your technical skills, Shoot Manual in 7 Days is designed to spark a profound connection between you and your camera. Our goal is not just to teach you how to use manual mode, but to inspire you to see the world through a more artistic and intentional lens.


Join us on this exciting journey to unlock your camera's full potential and discover the boundless possibilities of manual photography. Together, let's turn your vision into stunning visual stories.

The cost of our course includes:

  • Access to course materials for 365 days

  • Printable Shoot Manual Field Guide

  • Printable Shoot Manual Cheat Sheets

  • Real world examples

  • Knowledge check quizzes

  • Hands on assignments

  • Money back guarantee

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